Precision Wire Springs

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Compression Springs

Compression springs are used to resist applied compression forces or to store energy in the push mode. They are usually coiled as a constant-diameter cylinder. We produce other forms of compression springs such as conical, tapered, concave, convex or various combinations of these.



Compression Spring


Extension Springs

Extension springs are used to store energy and exert a pulling force. We produce extension springs with virtually any type of loops or special types ends.



Extension Spring

    Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are used to apply a torque or store rotational energy. The two most common types are single and double-bodied springs. We produce various kinds of ends made to the most challenging specifications to facilitate mounting.


Torsion Spring


    Retaining Rings

Retaining rings are used primarily to hold bearings or similar components on a shaft or within a tube or cylinder. The two major categories of retaining rings are internal and external. External rings are assembled over a shaft while internal rings are assembled in a cylinder.


Retaining Ring


    Wire Forms

Wire forms are designed with a wide variety of shapes to perform many functions. Wire forms are often used as links to carry loads with a minimum deflection, electrical resistance units or as rings to hold parts in place. We design and build our own toolings to produce a broad range of wire forms. Production is limited only by the imagination of the individuals involved.



Wire Form

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