Precision Wire Springs

Other Types of Springs

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Flat Springs

Flat springs cover a wide range of springs or stampings fabricated from flat strip material which, on being deflected by an external load, will store and then release energy. We produce an unlimited variety of shapes from a wide assortment of materials.


Flat Spring  

Disc Springs

Disc springs are conical shaped washers, sometimes known as belleville wahers. When a load is applied, the springs tend to flatten causing radial and circumferential strains. This elastic deformation constitutes the spring action.


Disc Spring


    Wave Springs

Wave springs are widely used for its miniaturization and greater compactness of design. They afford space and weight advantages over conventional wire springs. We produce wave springs in a variety of configurations, including single coil and multi-coil.



Wave Spring


    Spiral Springs

Spiral springs are characterized by the requirement that their coils do not touch during operation. They include hair springs and spiral torsion springs or brush springs. We produce spiral springs in either round edge or flat stock.


Spiral Spring



    Constant Springs

Constant force springs are rolls of prestressed strip which exerts a nearly constant restraining force to resist uncoiling. The force is constant because the change in the radius of curvature is constant.


Constant Spring



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