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Metal Parts

Mechanical Sub-Assembly


Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which sheets of metal are fed in a high tonnage press between stamping dies to cut and form metal, producing completed or semi-completed parts in high volumes at a low manufacturing cost.

We can design, engineer and manufacture all types of compound, progressive, draw and prototype tooling to meet your requirements. We are capable of manufacturing stamping parts with tight tolerances and intricate forming of different sizes, different materials type and thickness ranges. 


Metal Stamping


Bar & Tube Bending

The bending process starts with loading the bar/tube into a pipe bender and clamping it into place between two dies, the clamping block and the forming die.

We have the in-house precision tube bending capability to create fixtures, tools and gauges that produce and check the critical attributes of your part. This insures that the tubular part will fit and perform as designed.



Bar & Tube Bending

    Metal Fabrication & Machining

We offer an extensive array of in-house metal fabrication and machining services. The unique service offering makes us one of the top choices among metal products operations. Our years of experience which gives us the capabilities and skills necessary to create a multitude of metal components and toolings.


Metal Fabrication